Moira Crone

“Vicki Salloum’s Faulkner & Friends is a moving, heart-wrenching narrative about a group of New Orleanians whom fate has thrown together. Their lives are full of regret, and also, great love, for each other, and for the power of books and stories to heal. She writes with power about the reality of redemption and the gift of hope.”

–Moira Crone, Winner of the Robert Penn Warren Award for Fiction, Fellowship of Southern Writers, and Author of The Not Yet and The Ice Garden

William Greenway, Ph.D.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d swear there’s something in the water coming down the river that blooms good writers in New Orleans like magnolia blossoms: Faulkner, Rice, Percy, Toole, etc. And now here’s the newest one to squeeze the heart to offer up its secrets. Faulkner & Friends is a wonderful read; that it’s set in New Orleans is lagniappe.”

-William Greenway, Ph.D.,
Author of Everywhere at Once and Fishing at the End of the World


Bev Marshall

Faulkner & Friends is a captivating exploration of loss and the resilience of those who retain hope and faith through unimaginable tragedy. With astonishing skill and compassion Vicki Salloum weaves the stories of a writer, a bookseller, a destitute grandmother, and two troubled boys who form a bond of humanity at its core. An engrossing and unforgettable read, boldly conceived and beautifully written.”

Bev Marshall, Author of Walking Through Shadows and Right as Rain

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