Casey Porter

“. . . The imagery of ‘Faulkner & Friends’ is raw and vivid, which, combined with the complexity of each character, embodies the too-often hidden pulsating heart of New Orleans. A heart that is full of lively, unique characters not often seen in common, touristy settings . . . “

–Special to The Sun-Herald
covering Biloxi-Gulfport and the Mississippi Gulf Coast
September 28, 2014

Ruth Latta

“The need to have sympathy for those whom society has left behind, even at personal sacrifice, is key to the novel . . . “
–Ruth Latta, Author of The Songcatcher and Me

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Louis Maistros

“In Vicki Salloum’s brilliant New Orleans novel, Faulkner & Friends, hope is the banner that is waved against insurmountable odds, proudly, defiantly. Here, the usual tourist-friendly props are cast aside so that we may venture into the souls of the very real (if too often invisible) people that make the city what it is, their vices as tragically beautiful as their virtues. In Salloum’s soulful telling, we learn that the greatest hope of all sometimes arrives in that awkward moment where we find the courage to reach out to our sworn enemy with love and understanding. It is in this moment of realization that we see the formerly invisible thread that unites us all, at long last informing us as to why so many of us would rather live here in misery than anywhere else in mediocrity. It is rare to find an author who is able to put the joy and tragedy that exists at the heart of the City of New Orleans together into the same room, each fully aware of the other and neither ashamed of what it sees, to uncover a story that each reader must acknowledge in some way as his own. Faulkner & Friends is a joy to read, its prose as musical as its message is satisfyingly poignant. A very welcome addition to the New Orleans literary canon.”

–Louis Maistros, Author of The Sound of Building Coffins and Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories

Mark LaFlaur

“In this charming new novel set in the Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans, an idealistic woman with a dream opens a neighborhood bookshop called Faulkner & Friends that quickly attracts more quirky characters—and trouble—than customers. Written with vivid, detailed descriptions, a good eye for New Orleans as a fertile breeding ground for eccentrics, creative talents, and troubled families, Faulkner & Friends exudes a spirit of optimism, caring, and devotion, with ample servings of earthy humor and tragic violence. Literature, friendship, and faith are treasured like fragile, lighted candles that must be nurtured and protected. Vicki Salloum understands how chance and serendipity, along with faith and grace, are powerful forces in our lives, and that it is through loyalty to friends that we are most alive.”

–Mark LaFlaur, Author of Elysian Fields

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