Judy Alter

“Vicki Salloum has written a psychological suspense thriller outside the box. Candyland focuses on a seventeen-year-old girl from a drug-related brutal family and her attempt to do one honorable thing, save one life her family has ruined. Paired with her is a boozy, overweight, middle-aged lawyer at the low point of his career, facing a case more important than any he had at the height of success. Their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, and the suspense is high as this novel winds slowly toward an inevitable confrontation. Noir at its darkest, set against the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.”

-Judy Alter, Author of Desperate For Death and The Perfect Coed

Scott Phillips

Candyland echoes the great noir writers of the twentieth century, with a great feel for the wounded city of New Orleans and a cast of vividly drawn characters. Vicki Salloum has written a first-rate crime novel, and I look forward to whatever she writes next.”

-Scott Phillips, Author of Rake and The Ice Harvest

Mike Roche

“I thoroughly enjoyed Candyland. Like a well-blended gumbo, Vicki Salloum captures the essence and spirit of New Orleans with vivid characters and a suspenseful plot full of surprises.”

-Mike Roche, Author of Coins of Death and The Blue Monster

Karen Pullen

“A gritty post-Katrina New Orleans is the fascinating setting of Vicki Salloum’s colorful and lively novel, Candyland, about a brave young woman who wants to climb her way out of the dangerous life she was given at birth: drugs, guns, family violence and police brutality. The characters are complex and the action non-stop as Lázara pursues her hopes and dreams in a morally gray world. Salloum’s writing sparkles and her story is compelling.”

–Karen Pullen, Author of Cold Feet and Brea’s Tale and Other Stories

Thomas Davidson

“There is no saccharine in Candyland, a poignant coming-of-age tale – a gritty snapshot in the life of a young woman who quotes Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls and scrambles to survive in post-Katrina New Orleans. Lázara Soto, 17, is stranded in a land of no role models, no money and hard choices. She’s caught in a high-pressure system of a homicidal brother, phantom parents, an alcoholic attourney/employer, and a dwindling dream of college and escape. Next stop: shitstorm . . . swim or sink. Pristine prose and vivid characters abound. Highly recommended.”

–Thomas Davidson, Author of The Museum of Sudden Disappearances and Past is Present

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