Erika Raskin

Waiting for You at Midnight is fiction that feels like truth. It is both a finely honed portrait of impending loss and an impressionistic landscape of dislocating grief. Vicki Salloum skillfully paints her characters, hard choices, and a long 12-step journey, in gripping detail.”

–Erika Raskin, Author of Best Intentions

Margaret McMullan

“Painfully honest, funny, and heart-breaking, Waiting for You at Midnight is a story of the lives and loves of Arabella Joseph and a world of addiction. This is a New Orleans story, a woman’s story of grief, love, loneliness, and survival. Author Vicki Salloum pours a lot of heart in these pages. Losing a loved one is a familiar and painful journey, but Arabella’s tale reminds us that we’re all in this together—reformed alcoholics, drug addicts, bank robbers, teachers, cooks, and artists—we’re all of us fragile survivors, traveling these streets in church-filled cities, looking for redemption.”

–Margaret McMullan, Author of Aftermath Lounge

Helen Reichert Lambin

“Grief, guilt, loneliness, longing, denial, anger, growth, mistakes, love, and hope: all are part of Vicki Salloum’s moving and honest novel about the death of a husband after serious, prolonged illness. In it, the words are directed to the narrator’s deceased husband. That can be a challenge. And it works. It is a moving and honest book that makes very immediate the feelings of loss and disbelief when you lose the one you love. At the same time, it is a story of hope. Arabella, the narrator, has a rocky path. But it leads to remembering love with gratitude, along with sorrow. And it leads to learning to live with –not just survive—loss.”

–Helen Reichert Lambin, Author of The Death of a Husband: Reflections for a Grieving Wife



“ . . . Drugs, meths dealing, disconnection from family, lost friendship, familial abuse, poverty, a lack of trust in authority, allied with an almost evangelical urge to be better than what’s gone before . . . ”
-Col Colman

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