David Armand

“Vicki Salloum’s latest novel, Waiting for You at Midnight, is at once a paean to enduring love and the sacrifices that come along with it as well as a tragic tale of loss and survival and hope. Narrated in a voice that is candid, warm, conversational, and familiar, readers will instantly feel at home with this novel’s timeless and universal themes, its flawed but lovable characters, and its gritty and realistic sense of place. Waiting for You at Midnight is truly a book that is not to be missed.”

–David Armand, Author of My Mother’s House

Christine Bell

Waiting for You at Midnight is a haunting journey through the land of the living in New Orleans. Arabella is an unforgettable heroine who lifts the veil of grief to reveal the force of life. The writing is seared with passion. I was entranced.”

–Christine Bell, Author of The Perez Family and Grievance

Jean Ryan

“This book is a tender journey, told with unflinching honesty, of a woman emerging from grief. There are no false tones in this narrative, no pulled punches. Salloum’s evocative descriptions take the reader deep into Arabella’s world, a place of daring, remorse, forgiveness and abiding love. Highly recommended.”

–Jean Ryan, Author of Lost Sister

Kate Sebeny

“In Vicki Salloum’s powerful and moving new novel, Waiting for You at Midnight, the death of the narrator’s beloved husband lays a minefield of loss, longing and addiction. Addressed to the departed through journal entries and reflection, the widow recounts her path through the grieving process in lyrical prose laced with evocative description and brutal honesty.”

–Kate Sebeny, Author of The Last Best Thing

Elaine Mansfield

Waiting for You at Midnight captivates from the first page to a startling ending we won’t forget. With a lyrical and compassionate eye, author Vicki Salloum leads us through the landscape of loss as her characters struggle to heal their broken lives. We see how grief and desperation lead to destructive choices even as we long to be saved. We learn how essential it can be to find healing and support within a caring community. Through unexpected twists and turns, we fall in love with Salloum’s everyday warriors who endure life’s tragedies but never give up fighting for their souls.”
–Elaine Mansfield, Author of Leaning into Love: A Spiritual Journey through Grief

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